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Targa Newfoundland 2017


Sunday September 18th, 2017

All Done !
Another year come and gone already!

We have been doing this for nine years now. How time flies.
A millions thank you to all of you who donated $$ to our cause.
Your help makes it all worth while.
We won a few extra awards last evening (like we needed more. – yes always need more!)
1) Kenzie Cup – awarded to the top three placing vehicles by a single car manufacturer. This year MINI won placing 1st and 2nd  – Hey that is our team !
2) Jerry Churchill Cup – Awarded to the top 3 placing cars in any one team. Since we had 2 firsts and a second it went to our team  3) Trophy time silver plates – Awarded to each car finishing the race with less than a specified minimum number of penalty points for the week. All four Hume surviving entries cars earned that plate. And only about half of all competitors earn this much coveted prize.
4) MINI Canada’s MINI Challenge in place. Any MINI finishing in first place in any Targa race class,  is awarded a $3,000 cash prize – Gee I guess that was my car! Thanks MINI !

Gathering together and organizing six cars and  21 people to race this event was a daunting task. The logistics are mind boggling. Try herding cats – about the same in this case I would say. But  I enjoyed the challenge of managing such a large team and learned a few things along the way. Everyone on the team were and remain truly professional and we functioned well together as a team.

We did have one arena cancel our nightly car storage and repair with no notice. And so had to rent a tent and place in the parking lot of our hotel in Bay Roberts for two nights. That was totally bizarre and unexpected to be sure. And except for the two wrecks,  everything went off very well for Team Hume in the end.
We have made no plans for next year as of yet. Other than we are selling one of our cars,  the Silver 2002 M3.
We will sit and think on future rallying until  X-mas this year.

Although, there is this three day rally in Mexico next April that looks very interesting….hmmmm.

Thanks again any and all readers for taking the time to log on and read my blogs.
John Hume