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Targa Newfoundland 2017


Saturday September 16th.

And it is over…
We raised over $27,000 for MS and the Red Door Shelter. – Which is great!
Despite losing our 2000 BMW 323 ci to a Guardrail Tuesday and our 2006 MINI GP to a concrete wall face also Tuesday – the remaining 4 cars all had a terrific week of racing.
There were more than the usual number of cancelled races due to weather, town politics and personal medical emergencies, but we managed to run 26 races for Targa cars and 28 races for GT. Plus 4 practice races for all so 30 + 32 races respectively.
John Jr and Justin Crant in the Blue 2004 M3 finished 1st in Modern with 3:00 minutes in penalties then Jon Riddell and Briar de Lange placed 3rd in the Silver 2002 M3 with 4:55 in penalties. But wait there is more. Me and Christina Kroner in my precious 2013 MINI GP finished 1st in GT with only 22 seconds in penalties, followed by Craig MacMullen and David Jenkins in his 2013 MINI Countryman JCW with a mere 31 seconds in penalties.
So all 4 cars on the podium !
We wont know winners of any other awards until after the closing Gala tonight.
I which case …….until tomorrow or Monday….all for now.
John Hume