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Day two at Targa Newfoundland, all about the weather

Hello from lake Newfoundland!
Yes, rain, rain and well more rain. We ran 8 races all in the rain. The race only lost one car today, despite all the water, water everywhere. Our four cars all did very well, even me! The scoring for GT is in question, so I am not able to report where our two MINIs stand. John Jr is I believe penalty free. I only picked up 10 or 12 penalty points myself. No too shabby for a rookie in my class. I believe I am 7th from the bottom. In other words six teams are worse off than me! Spirits are high in all four cars and our wonderful service crew are keeping these overworked racing machines in excellent shape. I hear the weather is supposed to be a tad less wet tomorrow. Phew let’s hope so, I was soaking wet most of the day. Dummy here did not bring rain coat or umbrella with him. Note to wife insist next time, will ya!
All for now,
John HumeOn the way in Harbour Mille


Day 1 is in the books!

Hello from rain drenched Clarenville.

All 4 of our cars and crews survived a day of sun, rain and wind. Competition in GT class is very tight but our two MINIs handled things very well. The two M3s stayed on course and on the road. John Hume Jr in #9 drove flawlessly.
In car #333, well let’s just  say it is a learning experience for me being in Targa class for the first time. However, me and my co-pilot Ron Bartleet had a fulfilling day and kept it shiny side up on the Tarmac.
Final scores for today are not posted yet, so we will have to wait until tomorrow to see where we all stand.

Ahh, tomorrow a nice soggy day is forecast. We will be driving in the rain all day.
No need to wash the vehicles to be sure. All crews in all four cars are getting along beautifully so far, but hey, it is only Monday after all! Despite the rain we had crowds of spectators watching us zip by along the side of the road on transits. We handed out bunches of “Hero cards” to kids and adults alike!MS 4_Car#333_John Hume Sr Ron Bartleet

Until tomorrow….
John Hume


Post-Tropical Storm Henri Causes Havoc in St. John’s for Team Hume

Craig MacMullen of Team Hume stands in the rain is St. John's, Newfoundland. (Post-tropical storm Henri)

Craig MacMullen of Team Hume stands in the rain in St. John’s, Newfoundland.

Saturday September 12, 2015

Hello from foggy rainy St John’s Newfoundland,

Where to start…..
The Friday license qualifier day for Norm and Christina went off without a hitch. They passed with flying colours. Up until this AM the weather was balmy and sunny.

Today we experienced heavy fog rain and drizzle. In fact our last 6 crew members were on the plane circling the airport for over a half an hour before be re-routed to Montreal, then back to Toronto. Now we are short my co-pilot (Ron Bartleet) our service crew and video crew. Without Ron I am unable to partake in the rally.

Fortunately we found a work around for prologue races (Sunday). Craig will do his GT practice race then scoot up to my car (I will start last), Craig will jump into my car and be co-pilot for my practice race. We can do this for the practice runs on Sunday, but I really need Ron here for the real racing on Monday. Ron is scheduled to arrive at noon tomorrow (Sunday) with the purchase of an emergency airfare. As for service crew we bought new emergency airfare tickets for them and they will arrive Sunday at 3:00 pm, just in time for any repairs/modifications to the cars after our practice races.

As of now, our video team will arrive 3:30 AM Monday…awfully inconvenient….

I am sure things will fall into place nicely as the real racing begins!…

John Hume


A beautiful view from the driver’s seat!

A breathtaking view in Flatrock, Newfoundland

A breathtaking view in Flatrock, Newfoundland


All dressed and ready to go!