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Targa Newfoundland 2017


Tuesday, September 13th

Well today is now under our collective belts, except for our service crew. As I type they are busy cleaning up the team cars, checking fluid levels, tires and undersides of all vehicles. The roads today were very rough in spots and a few bottoming out events were inevitable.
To date, only one of the 60 odd cars entered has crashed and been knocked out of the event.
The weather has been perfect – sun, sun and more sun. Along with sub Gail force wind – constant sub Gail force wind. I guess you can’t have it all!
I looks like John Sr and Christina (#1333) have managed to remain penalty free up to end of activities today. Ruth and Andrew (#1334) are doing an amazing job for two rookies to this event. It looks like they are in 4th or 5th place in GT as of this evening. John Jr and Justin C. (#09) are running a great race and remain close to the top,  while  Ron and Justin R. (#333) are holding their own in the middle of the pack, both in Modern Division.
Today we ran a series of very long and very fast races. Everyone got a chance to put their skills and in car communications to the ultimate test. And all passed.
Spirits are high and we welcome Hump Day. – Wednesday …11 races to do Wednesday – There will be some very tired people back here tomorrow evening.
All for now,
PS – Christina only yelled at me once today – and no actual blows were landed. Seriously – she is a great navigator.
John Hume


Monday, September 12th

OK a very long day today up at 5:30 AM on the road until 7:30 PM tonight.
We ran 10 races. All Hume cars performed well. But we won’t see final Monday standings until tomorrow AM.
The cars took a pounding however. Subframe bolts knocked loose on the 2006 MINI GP and more than a few bottoming outs on all cars.
Everyone is in good spirits thus far. And the service crew have their hands full for tonight.
Tomorrow we race 7 times covering 137 KMs and transit another 324 KMs. Weather was perfect today with the exception of a very strong wind blowing all day.

Weather was perfect today with the exception of a very strong wind blowing all day.
Cheers for now from the Rock
John Hume.



Sunday Prologue Photos


St John’s Sunday Sept 11th.

Hello from Team Hume,
A miracle – Sunny and warm all day!
We finished our four practice races today. And all four cars came through in one piece. Once again JohnJr and Justin Crant look ready to tear up the field. Ron and Justin Russell kept it shiny side up and drove clean races.
Ruth and Andrew in the MINI #1333 for first timers did exceedingly well.
And me with Christina had a good day learning how to communicate with each other. I think both GT cars had good results as did both Modern cars.
No points for today’s races but the better you did better is your starting position tomorrow – first day of real adventure
Off to update our route books with posted changes now.
We pack up in the AM and head out towards Clarenville racing 9 or 10 legs on the way there..
Team Hume


Hello from St John’s Newfoundland !

Hello from St John’s Newfoundland !
All Hume racing and service crew are now here!
No delays and no cancelations thus far either!

Yesterday Ruth and Andrew completed their training and are now qualified to drive and co-pilot the race.

Our cars all passed inspection with flying colors.

Team spirit is very positive and most of all the rain has finally stopped!
Yes, it has rained almost constantly since arriving Thursday. Two and a half days of wind fog rain. Enough already with that please. No more.

Tomorrow AM we have driver and co-pilot safety meeting then we do 4 practice races as a warm up for Monday when the real nitty gritty begins!

All for now.

John Hume