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Targa Newfoundland 2017


Tuesday, September 13th

Well today is now under our collective belts, except for our service crew. As I type they are busy cleaning up the team cars, checking fluid levels, tires and undersides of all vehicles. The roads today were very rough in spots and a few bottoming out events were inevitable.
To date, only one of the 60 odd cars entered has crashed and been knocked out of the event.
The weather has been perfect – sun, sun and more sun. Along with sub Gail force wind – constant sub Gail force wind. I guess you can’t have it all!
I looks like John Sr and Christina (#1333) have managed to remain penalty free up to end of activities today. Ruth and Andrew (#1334) are doing an amazing job for two rookies to this event. It looks like they are in 4th or 5th place in GT as of this evening. John Jr and Justin C. (#09) are running a great race and remain close to the top,  while  Ron and Justin R. (#333) are holding their own in the middle of the pack, both in Modern Division.
Today we ran a series of very long and very fast races. Everyone got a chance to put their skills and in car communications to the ultimate test. And all passed.
Spirits are high and we welcome Hump Day. – Wednesday …11 races to do Wednesday – There will be some very tired people back here tomorrow evening.
All for now,
PS – Christina only yelled at me once today – and no actual blows were landed. Seriously – she is a great navigator.
John Hume