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Targa Newfoundland 2017


Welcome to Targa 2017

We have done a lot of pre-planning and added two more vehicles  to our race team for 2017

Our team this year consists of:

2002 M3 – Driven by Jon Riddell + Co-piloted by Briar de Lange – rally veterans in GT – But now racing in Modern

2004 M3 – Driven by John Jr. and Co-piloted by Justin Crant – racing in Modern again

2013 MINI GP – Driven by John Sr. and Co-piloted by Christina Kroner – in GP again

2006 MINI GP – Driven by Ruth Thorogood  and Co-piloted by Andrew Thorogood – their 2nd year in GT – hoping to improve upon 3rd in 2016

2000 BMW 323ci – Driven by Ron Bartleet  and Co-piloted by Duncan Fregren – Ron is a Veteran – Duncan is a rally Virgin! – doing Fast Tour

2010 Dodge Challenger – Driven by Craig MacMullen  and Co-driven by David Jenkins – Craig is a veteran – David is a Rally Virgin! racing in GT

Our Charitable initiative this year has expanded to include The Red Door Family Shelter along with Multiple Sclerosis

We have our first practice track day up and coming April 23rd.

More to follow stay tuned…