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Targa Newfoundland 2017


Last day from the Rock

We had reasonable weather today just a tich of drizzle and generally overcast all day. Temp was pleasant, not too cold. High drama for John Jr & Justin in #9, the blue M3 . Their car died and would not restart first thing. They banged a few places on the dash and it finally got going. Then on the transit to the first race it quit again. Garret and Alex to the rescue. Turns out the kill switch solenoid was bad and cut off all power to everything. Garrett to the rescue! He managed to salvage a piece off the mini van he was driving and put it into the M3. Just in time for the boys to make the first race.
So, first race fast and flowing, wand what did Norm and Christina manage to do? Hit a pot hole and get a blow out! Well, that costs them the first three races. They had to wait for the in and out of races one and two to rejoin the group then just missed the third race.
Then… The brakes on my car in the first race decided to develop a severe shimmy. This was a very fast leg with lots of heavy braking required. It was very scary to be braking hard and having the steering wheel vibrate violently in my hands each time.
After the in and out of the first two races. Garrett checked over the car. He discovered a hot spot or two on one front rotor. With his instruction I was able to wear it off on the transit to race number three. At least well enough to finish the day. Shimmy was still there but manageable.
The rest of the day went were well for the team. We have short. Fast town races. Boy were they fun to run Cupids and Brigus. I even managed to run Cupids in less time than required so zeroed it twice!
End of day and end of week provisionally (as final results are not official until this PM) John Jr and Justin in the 2004 M3 placed 2nd in Modern.
Craig and Nicole in the 2013 MINI GP placed 2nd by only about two seconds
And Norm and Christina in the 2006 MINI GP placed 3rd! Remarkable considering they missed three races!
There was one roll over unfortunately. The  old 1965 Ford Mustang took a turn in Whitburn too fast caught the corner and rolled over. Driver and Co-pilot were shaken but not too stirred.
All week a total of eleven  cars suffered broken parts or crashes and all but two got back into the fray. Without Garrett and Alex on our team we would not even have come close to being able to complete this rally this year. And one or two other teams same thing!
Thank you Centennial College from the bottom of my heart.
We will send a post blog once official results are in end of day today.
Thanks all,
John Hume.Celebrating the end of Targa 2015John on course through the tight streets of Briggus A change of plans on the start line 1334 goes flat Historic Briggus