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Day 4 of Targa Newfoundland 2015

John on course in Bonavista, NewfoundlandHi from sunny windy Newfoundland
Yes, we found the sun today!
Although, the air was cold and damp most of the day.
Results to date.
Targa officials sorted out the GT results and car #1333 Craig and Nicole are in first place, Norm and Christina are in third place as of end of Wednesday. Mean time john Jr. and  Justin Crant in car #9 over in Modern Division are just barely holding onto third place.
And Ron and myself in #333 moved up to 6th place in Modern Division. That is 6 out of 8… Still leading from behind if course! I am having a riot here this year.
Had a great day today all around. Looking forward to tomorrow.
All for now.
Hey staff thanks for the fabulous picture too!