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Targa Newfoundland 2017


Team Hume still leading GT pack!

Hello blog readers.

Today we raced 8 fast and technically difficult races. The odometer in car #1888 has malfunctioned, forcing the team to use only the car odometer which is only accurate to one tenth km (100th accuracy is required for the Targa). Despite this drawback, Jon and Briar have managed to stay in first place with only 3 penalty seconds. Meantime, John Sr and Craig are in second place with 8 penalty points and John Jr and Mel picked up 10 penalty seconds along the way today to land them in third place. So Team Hume still leads the GT pack!

Weather was great – warm and windy with lots of sun. Tomorrow the difficulty increases, weariness starts to build and the penalty window shrinks. There will definitely be penalties to dish out tomorrow. Stay tuned.

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