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Targa Newfoundland 2017


Wednesday September 17th, 2014

First the weather report…sun with more sun and sunny again today.
Yes, picture perfect weather, with temperatures in the mid teens Celsius.

We drove through the Bona-vista Peninsula today. And what sights to behold. Mountains, forests, even Birch forests, beautiful villages and a few ports of call.

The perfect setting for nine gruelling races, long and fast. One race start had a warning sign put out to watch for Moose of all things. I also suspect there is a large market for pot holes in the area, as most roads we raced on were strewn with them, large and small.

Most teams earned penalty points today. However, John Jr. and Justin Crant car #9 are still tied for first in Modern Division with two other cars. They have so far zero penalty points! Very impressive to say the least.

Meantime back in Grand Touring, Nicole and Cody car #1334 burned through 27 penalty points through the course of the day and have slipped to 3rd place in GT.
However, john Sr and Craig, car # 1333, picked up only one penalty second and so remain in first place in GT.

The third last race of the day was very fast and treacherous. Average speed was close to 100kph through twisty, pot holed, and pebble strewn hilly road. I found this to be the toughest race yet to run. However, we are all safe and sound now, thank goodness.

Weather here for tomorrow is supposed to be same as today…but Friday, looks like rain…..
All for now.