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Targa Newfoundland 2017


Tuesday September 16th, 2014

The weather here today was perfect, with a mix of sun and cloud and temperatures averaging about 16 C . A beautiful, late summer’s day on the Rock. There were plenty of native Newfoundlanders out to watch the races.

All three cars ran beautifully. Thanks to Garret our mechanic, who worked late into night yesterday to fix a broken shock mount on the M3 and raise the front suspension on the 2013 MINI GP. Garret has been indispensable so far this week, not only fixing our cars, but also assisting with repairs on some of the other competitor’s broken vehicles.

End of day, Hume car #9 Hume Jr. and Crant is tied for first with two others in Modern Targa. Car #1333 Hume Sr and MacMullen, sits atop the GT board with only 4 penalty seconds and car #1334 Troster and Morch in 2nd spot with 14 penalty seconds.

There were no cars wrecks or booboos today. Thank goodness.

We are looking forward to Wednesday. It promises to be the most challenging day of rallying yet.

Two happy crew members from car #1334 relaxing between races Tuesday

All for now