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Targa Newfoundland 2017


Great results on Day 1!

Hello everyone from Newfoundland!

We have just completed our first day of racing. Today we ran 6 complete races. The 7th and last was cancelled due to time delays. I am happy to report officially (although this may change due to a possible malfunctioning time clock in race 5) the standings in our Grand Touring Equipped division:

in 1st place at zero penalty points:
Jon and Briar in the Min Countryman car # 1333

in 2nd place at 4 penalty points:
the Fiat 500 team of Hughes and Hopkins car #1290

in 3rd place at 6 penalty points:
John Hume Sr and Craig Macmullen car # 1888

in 4th place at 15 penalty points:
John Hume Jr and Mel Van Aldrichem car # 1999

So then, we are off to a very good start here indeed. The time clock in race #5 seems to have been a foul. So we have placed an inquiry into the results of that race with race officials. It appears to us that #1888 & #1999 have been unfairly penalized. And other teams have made the same notation on their results. If the race officials decide the clock was malfunctioning then #1999 will jump into a 1st place tie with #1333 and #1888 will jump into a tie for second place with 4 penalty points. However, we may need to wait until Wednesday for the officials decision on that one.

John and Craig (#1888) ran into some bad luck in race 6 when both their timers quit at the start of the race (they both just went blank). So driver and co-pilot had to guess their times and checkpoints along the route. They were lucky enough to drive the course with only a 4 second penalty. Not bad for blindly guessing the correct time to cross the finish line! Had that not happened a perfect zero score would have ensued. If only…

There were several car wrecks today and three or four cars are now out of the race all together. Some inexperienced racers seem to have run out of talent. However, no injuries were reported, just car wrecks and bruised egos.

Tomorrow promises to be very challenging as hurricane Leslie will sweep through Gander (where we are now) in the early AM. We are expecting high winds up to 100KM/hr and 2 to 3 inches of rain! It will be a very interesting day tomorrow indeed!

Check out the Targa Newfoundland web site for our Hume produced daily video update for more details, as narrated by Jim Kenzie.


From the Hume team.